Imagetalk Assistant

Imagetalk Assistant is a Java application running on personal computers of many flavors and with various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98, Linux and Mac OS X.

Installation and updates are handled over the Internet by Java Web Start, but the program can be run standalone when creating and modifying icon books.

Imagetalk Assistant uses extensively the web for user registration, getting additional icon libraries, sharing books, templates and personal libraries, among others.


  • Main window with three tabs: Users, Books and Libraries.
  • Book Editor for creating and modifying icon books by dragging icons from various icon libraries to the book matrix.
  • Alias feature for enriching the icon book with semantic and grammatical aliases.
  • Print function for creating a print copy of your book.
  • Library Editor for organizing your own and your clients’ libraries.
  • Icon Editor for creating and modifying custom-made icons.
  • Updating data, including users, books, templates and libraries to Imagetalk Server, either to oneself, to other assistants or to public.
  • Downloading user data from Imagetalk Server, including data from yourself from another location, from other assistants and from public domain.
  • Updating user profiles with book and partner data to your client’s Imagetalk device.

    Imagetalk Assistant Handbook as pdf-file

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