Imagetalk on Tablet/DesktopPC

Java application running on personal computers with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and 98 operating system, or Tablet PC:s with Microsoft TabletXP operating system.

  • Operated with mouse or touch screen depending on type of device.
  • Screen size 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Speech synthesis by Acapela integrated in the application. Support for major European languages including Nordic. Check our website for updates on supported languages.
  • Optional mobile hardware and software add-on for sending and receiving SMS messages over the air.


  • Send and receive e-mails over Imagetalk Server or any IMAP or POP3 mail sever using Java Mail API. Bridging to SMS over Imagetalk Server and QLA Message Server.
  • Icon-based user interface with Composer, Archive, Inbox and Calendar views.
  • Blocking of unintentional multiple clicks.
  • Speak options including Select&Speak.
  • Translate mode for fast and easy icon-based translation of common words and expressions to another language.
  • Calendaring with time stamped alerting messages.
  • Safety features including OK and SOS calendar autoreplies and SOS button with optional location data (only with optional GSM/GPRS radio module installed).
  • Clock and timer showing actual date and time, and displaying a progressive time bar for the next upcoming calendar event.
  • Virtual querty-keyboard and integrated basic calculator for including and modifying text, numbers and calculations inte messages. Support for external keyboards.
  • MP3 player for music and sounds. (We recommend to use only licenced music.)
  • Delivered with CD-ROM for easy update. Backup and retrieval to Imagetalk Server.

Modules and end-user software licence prices:

  • Imagetalk Composer with Archive for basic-level face-to-face communication. Includes licences for Imagetalk Assistant, Imagetalk Profile Server services, Imagetalk Icons, embeddes speech synthesis by Acapela, and user handbook.

    Suggested retail price: 595 euro.

  • Imagetalk Messaging for mobile communication. Requires that you have the Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence. Requires GSM/GPRS radio module.

    Suggested retail price: 330 euro.

  • Imagetalk Mailing for e-mailing. "The easiest mail client ever!"

    Suggested retail price: 155 euro.

  • Imagetalk Calendaring for managing your daily tasks and appointments. Requires that you have the Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence.

    Suggested retail price: 330 euro.

Add-on licences:

  • Imagetalk Translator Requires that you have the Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence.

    Suggested retail price: 175 euro.

  • Imagetalk PCS. The popular Picture Communication Symbols library by Mayer&Johnson embedded for easy access in your preferred language.

    Suggested retail price: 245 euro.

All prices excluding VAT. Ask your local distributor for prices and availability on Imagetalk-certified devices, and for user adaptation. Imagetalk Oy reserves the right to change and/or add products, certified devices and prices.

Want to try Imagetalk Desktop?

Download Imagetalk Desktop with demo book. You need a desktop, laptop or tablet computer with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 or 98 Second Edition operating system. The setup procedure vary depending on operating system. The following routine applies for Windows XP:
  1. Select Open in the dialog that appears when you select the above link. The installation package is unzipped.
  2. Locate and select the Setup.exe file in the extracted folder. The installation starts.
  3. After a successful installation, locate the Imagetalk program (Windows > Start > All programs > Imagetalk) and copy the program icon to the Startup folder
  4. Log out and log in again, and Imagetalk application starts.

Note that this quick-guide cannot be applied in all cases and for all operating system and device variations, and that Imagetalk cannot take any responsibility of a successful installation with the help of this guide. If you encounter problems, please turn to Imagetalk support or your local distributor.

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