Imagetalk Book Editor

Imagetalk® Book Editor is a software program for creating and editing Imagetalk symbol books. As a Java-application it runs on most computers and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98, Linux ja Mac OS X.

You can install and update Book Editor over the Internet wih Java Web Start. Book Editor also utilizes the Internet for managing licences, sharing symbol books, subscribing new symbol libraries, etc. However, you can edit books offline, if you prefer.


  • Book Editor opens the book editing window straight away after you have selected the desired matrix. You can immediately start to compose the book by dragging symbols from libraries to the book matrix. You can create and save as many books as you want.
  • Symbol attributes are nicely collected in the Attributes dialog, where you can edit the symbol text (word/expression), define aliases, define it as a static of dynamic folder, etc.
  • Make a printed copy of your symbol book with the Print feature (coming soon).
  • Create and edit your own symbols, which can be based on digital drawings and photos, with Symbol Editor.
  • Backup your symbol books and libraries to the Imagetalk Server, and retrieve them if necessary.
  • Share your symbol books and libraries with chosen colleagues on Imagetalk Server, and download books and libraries which someone has shared with you.
  • Update your symbol books to Imagetalk Symbol Writer on Nokia 7710 media phone over-the-air.

Imagetalk® Book Editor runs on Java, and takes advantage of Java WebStart for managing and updating the software. Therefore, start by installing Java WebStart. Select Get it now! from the Java install page. The installation routine checks your operating system and eventual previous Java versions and, if necessary, installs the Java Runtime Environment and Java WebStart.

Install Imagetalk® Book Editor.

Imagetalk® Book Editor Handbook as pdf-file in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Italian and Portugese.