How to select your Imagetalk device

Imagetalk is a comprehensive software for a variety of communication needs. As a software-based solution, it runs on various devices. That is a clear benefit, as the mobile device market is developing rapidly, bringing even better, smarter, smaller and more powerful devices to an even lower price. But there is no reason to remain waiting for "the perfect device", since we already have a couple of very suitable ones on the market.

The key issue is to match the right Imagetalk setup with the appropriate device (for the purpose). To help select among the many alternatives, we decided to describe some typical use cases, and the solutions we suggest for them. If you feel that your case does not match any of the described ones, feel free to discuss alternatives with your Imagetalk distributor or contact for consultation.

"I want my own mobile"

Case Matti: A boy with severe speech and language disorders. Uses symbols and sign language with family. Has no functional disorders, and can handle game consoles and remote controls. Talks a little, especially with a boy his age, his best friend

Imagetalk recommends: Nokia N-Gage QD mobile game console (price around 200 euros) with Imagetalk® Series60 base modules: Composer and Archive (suggested retail price 595 euros) completed with Imagetalk® Messaging module (330 euros) and Imagetalk® Calendaring module (330 euros). Total price for software and device is thus around 1500 euros.

Matti is able to learn to use the button-operated user interface of Imagetalk Series60 version. The N-Gage QD has good voice output, sufficient in most communication situations. He can take advantage of dynamic content, so a team consisting of himself, his parents and a speech therapist familiar with creating dynamic icon books in Imagetalk Assistant modifies the provided dynamic book template to match the needs and preferences of Matti. Among other things, pictures of Matti, his family and friends are included, as well as some places and items which are dear to Matti. The team broadens over time to include Matti's schoolteachers and others.

"I am fond of talking images"

Case Maija: A girl with medium-level cognitive and functional disorders due to neurological defect. The family and school want to use a symbol-based communication device in order to encourage her to learn reading and writing, and help her to manage face-to-face communication.

Imagetalk recommends: HP iPaq 6110 pocket computer (price around 400 euros) with Imagetalk® PocketPC base modules: Composer and Archive (595 euros . Total price for software and device is around 1000 euros.

Maija benefits from the fast-operating touch-screen interface of Imagetalk PocketPC version. Her teacher designs a static icon book for pedagogical reasons so, that some key words and expressions are put into category folders. The teacher plans to introduce dynamic folders later on, when it is time to learn logical and meaningful construction of sentences. For cost reasons the decision to use messaging and calendaring is postponed to future, but because the flexible licensing of Imagetalk modules these can be introduced when needed. Also the device can be upgraded to a mobile-enabled one for a reasonable cost.

"I want to be independent and have a voice"

Case Jukka: A middle-aged man with aphasia due to a stroke. Had a very active and sportive life before the stroke, and would like to take care of his own life independently. Has a partial right-side paralysis, and thus benefits greatly from the ergonomic touch-screen interface of the new Imagetalk Symbol Writer on Nokia 7710.

Imagetalk recommends: Nokia 7710 widescreen media phone (price around 700 euros) with Imagetalk® Symbol Writer base modules: Composer and Archive (595 euros) completed with Imagetalk® Messaging (330 euros) and Imagetalk® Calendaring (330 euros) modules. Total price for software and device around 1900 euros.

Jukka is very dependent on the Messaging features, since he can use it for ordering food and transportation, and for short messaging with helpers and friends, including his already adult children. They quickly learn how to adapt to his somewhat limited messaging jargon. But equally important for Jukka is to be able to have a voice when taking care of daily activities and when meeting people. Thus, the relatively good voice output of Nokia 7710 comes to good use, although Jukka must repeat the voice output by putting the device closer to the ear of the listener in noisy environments. Lately, dynamic folders were introduced to Jukka, making spontaneous face-to-face messaging much more easy and fun.

"I like to carry my Imagetalk in a keychain"

Case Pekka: A schoolboy with cerebral palsy, causing functional disorders and dysphasia. Needs quite big icons. Has a computer at home for gaming, but would also like to exchange messages with his friends. Is not so keen to be on the move on his own(by himself), so does not necessarily need a mobile solution. Has access to computers at school.

Imagetalk recommends: USB memory drive carrying Imagetalk software and Pekka's icon book and messages (price around 30 euros) with Desktop/Tablet version of Imagetalk Composer and Archive module (595 euros) completed with Mailing module (145 euros). Total price for software and memory drive less than 800 euros.

Pekka wakes up early, opens his Imagetalk application on his computer, and checks his mail. He also completes a homework consisting of multiple-choice questions in the form of Imagetalk messages. His mother helps him to unplug the USB memory drive and put it around his neck. In his classroom Pekka wheels to an available computer, which happens to be brand new. His teacher helps him to plug in the USB memory drive, and since the Imagetalk software is not yet installed on the new computer, an easy-to-use software installation procedure takes place. Then Pekka can open his own profile. Together with the teacher they review the multiple-choice questionnaire. The teacher composes an encouraging message to the parents, and Pekka saves it in his Imagetalk archive on the memory drive. In the afternoon Pekka receives a mail from Paula, asking if he wants to join her to go to movies on the weekend. He decides to answer the mail at home.

Note, that the prices above are estimates and suggested retail prices for devices and software only, and don't contain any user-specific adaptation work by us, our distributor or any third party. Ask more from our distributors.