Download Imagetalk Symbol Writer over the air

Imagetalk Symbol Writer on Nokia 7710 can be downloaded over-the-air straight to the phone. The software contains a demo book in your preferred language. You can use the demo book to get a first look.

You can use the all-new Imagetalk Book Editor to create your own symbol books. If you want to have your own symbol book in Imagetalk Symbol Writer, you need a licence from an Imagetalk distributor.

Select language and type the GSM number of your Nokia 7710 multimedia phone. You will receive three SMS-messages. Follow the instructions from the phone to install the three packages.

Note: Downloading text-to-speech package may take several minutes, so be patient.

Note! The installation routine on your phone requests you to select your ACTION and the memory LOCATION for the downloadable packages. Select OPEN AND SAVE for ALL THREE Symbol Writer software packages and store them in the SAME LOCATION. If you make mistake, re-install all in the same location. You can easily re-install any package by selecting the according sms-messages one by one in your inbox. If you have deleted the messages, re-order them with this form.

Language:       Enter GSM number in international format.
Ie. +358401234567
GSM number:

Download Imagetalk Symbol Writer over the Internet

You can alternatively download Imagetalk Symbol Writer over the Internet:

1. Imagetalk Symbol Writer software
2. Speech files in Dutch (BE female, lq), Dutch (NL female, lq), Dutch (NL female, lq), Dutch (NL male, lq), Dutch (NL ttf, lq), English (UK female, Kate, mq), English (UK male, Allan, mq), English (US female, Jane, lq), English (US female, Lea, lq), English (US male, Bryan, lq), English (US male, John, lq), English (male, lq), English (ttf, lq), Finnish (mq), French (female, Caroline, mq), French (female, Marie, lq), French (male, Caroline, lq), French (male, Thierry, lq), French (male, Vincent, lq), French (male, Vincent, mq), German (female, Eva, hq), German (female, Greta, hq), German (female, Helgam hq), German (lq), German (male, Steffen, hq), Italian (male, Roberto, hq), Italian (male, lq), Norwegian (mq), Portuguese (female, Elia, lq), Portuguese (female, Ester, lq), Spanish (lq), Spanish (male, Juan, mq), Swedish (female, Annmarie, hq), Swedish (female, Annmarie, lq), Swedish (male, Ingvar, hq), Swedish (mq), Turkish (female, lq), Turkish (male, lq)
3. Demo book in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, German

Copy the three SIS-files via Bluetooth or with Nokia PC Suite to your mobile device and install them. The same installation advices as above apply.