Imagetalk Symbol Writer on Nokia 7710

Symbols-based communication application running on Nokia 7710 widescreen mobile media device with Symbian operating system.

  • Modular symbols-based user interface with Composer, Archive, Messaging and Calendaring views, which can be activated one by one or all at once, depending on the end-user licence, see below.
  • Operated with colour touch widescreen (640 x 320 pixels).
  • Certified for:

  • Delivered as installable sis-package over-the-air or over Internet. Symbol book updates with Book Editor over-the-air or over Internet.


  • Double-size (64x64 pixels) beautifully anti-aliased symbols on high-resolution widescreen.
  • Glide&Relase ergonomy: Place a finger anywhere on the screen, glide it to your choice, and release it to make the selection. Surprisingly easy, intuitive, and helpful for users with motoric disorders.
  • Virtual touch-screen querty-keyboard with Glide&Release functionality and SmartCaps autocapitalization for adding and modifying symbol text.
  • Ergonomic placement of buttons in corners and on edges for helpful tactile support, suitable for two-thumbs or one-finger operation.
  • Contextually-placed info view with untrunctated text and direct-select (thumb up or thumb down).
  • Speech synthesis by Acapela integrated with the application and available in all modules. Support for major European languages including Nordic. Speak options including Show&Speak, Select&Speak and Silent mode.
  • Symbol text above or below. We are familiar with placing text below icons in graphical user interfaces. In symbols-based communication text is often placed above the symbol. And for a good reason. The text remains visible when your fingertip points to the symbol.
  • A clearly visible cursor indicates the selected symbol or message with orange background behind the symbol text.

Modules and end-user software licence prices:

Imagetalk® Composer and Imagetalk® Archive for face-to-face communication.
  • Supports fast and logical composing of messages with dynamic folders.
  • Licence entitles the user rights for the all-new Imagetalk® BookEditor, Imagetalk® Profile Server services, Imagetalk® Icons, and user handbook.
  • Suggested retail price: 595 euro

Imagetalk® Messaging for mobile communication.
  • Sends and receives SMS messages. Bridging to e-mail over Imagetalk Server and QLA Message Server.
  • Address book editing to easily add, edit and delete message and talk partners. Simply select a symbol or take a photo of your message partner with the buil-in camera application, type a nickname, and enter contact data. Pin-code secured editing of Address book.
  • Enables Calendar safety features including OK and SOS calendar autoreplies.
  • Requires a GSM account.
  • Requires Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence (see above).
  • Suggested retail price: 330 euro

Imagetalk® Calendaring for managing your daily tasks and appointments.
  • Calendaring with time stamped messages.
  • Sophisticated alert and repeat options, defined in the symbols-based settings view.
  • Clock and timer showing the actual date and time, and displaying a progressive time bar for the next upcoming calendar event (coming soon).
  • Requires Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence (see above).
  • Suggested retail price: 330 euro

Add-on licences:

Imagetalk® Translating
  • Translate mode for fast and easy symbols-based translation of common words and expressions.
  • Requires Imagetalk Composer and Archive end-user licence.
  • Suggested retail price: 175 euro

Imagetalk® PCS symbols.
  • The popular Picture Communication Symbols library by Mayer&Johnson converted to Imagetalk library format. Symbols are anti-aliased and thus they have a smooth appearance in all sizes. Multilingual.
  • Suggested retail price: 245 euro

Imagetalk® Pictogram 4.0 symbols
  • A new multilingual version of the white-on-black symbol library veteran, delivered by Swedish Specialpedagogiska institutet.
  • Suggested retail price: 40 euro

All prices excluding VAT. Ask your local distributor for prices and availability on Imagetalk-certified devices and add-ons, such as icon libraries and external speakers for voice output. End-user customization is not included in prices above. Imagetalk Oy reserves the right to change and/or add products, certified devices and prices.

Alaotsikko]Download Symbol Writer with demo book[/Alaotsikko]
Download Imagetalk® Symbol Writer with a demo book in your preferred language to your Nokia 7710 multimedia phone.

Download Book Editor and start making your own symbol books

Download Imagetalk® Book Editor to your workstation to create customized symbol books. Note that Book Editor works at the moment only with Symbol Writer, Butterfly Remote and SwanMobile applications.

Imagetalk® Symbol Writer Handbook as pdf-file in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Italian and Portugese.

Imagetalk® Book Editor Handbook as pdf-file in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Italian and Portugese.

High-resolution print version of Imagetalk Symbol Writer product sheet as pdf-file in English, German, Finnish and Swedish.

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