Symbol Writer introduced to European market at Rehacare

Imagetalk introduced its Symbol Writer mobile communication solution to the European audience at 16th Rehacare fair 12.-15.10. in Düsseldorf. The fair had 49.500 visitors, and has established itself as an important meeting point of the special needs sector in Europe and worldwide.

"Oh, it's a mobile phone," was a frequent, suprised comment on Nokia 7710 running the Imagetalk Symbol Writer application. "Exciting!", said many, when Juhani Selänniemi and Jarmo Heikkilä from the company showed how easy it is to compose symbols-based messages and send them as text messages to somebody with an ordinary mobile phone. "I can immediately imagine some of my clients using this," was the saying from several speech therapists and teachers who had a look at Symbol Writer.

--We got very good response for the overall idea of symbols-based mobile communication, although the idea was totally new to many. Of course some said the screen is too small and that remote messaging is a far idea, but that's understandable. Imagetalk Symbol Writer, although having a strong focus on ergonomy, is a small device. A strength for many, but a weakness for some, Selänniemi sums up the experience.

Rehacare was also an excellent opportunity to talk with Imagetalk distributors and partners, and deepen the cooperation in order to make Symbol Writer widely available as an attractive addition to the symbols-based communication solutions.

--We had visitors not only from Germany, but from the Netherlands, Belgium, Britaiin, Italy, and many others. We think that Symbol Writer made a big impression on many, as well as our way to create dynamic content and update it over-the-air to the mobile device -- a unique and very productive feature indeed.