SwanMobile adds mobile productivity to Televagt

26.04.2005 -- Condigi Televagt A/S today announced a new mobile extension to its market-leading care call management solution, Televagt. It consists of an application called SwanMobile, running on Symbian Series 60 mobile phones, such as Nokia 6600 and 6260, and the according functionality on the Televagt server. SwanMobile enhances the productivity and usability of Televagt care solution by freeing the staff to work both on-site and mobile, while still maintaining the high-reliability of care alarms and task reports, which Televagt is known for. SwanMobile is shown at Rehab Scandinavia fair 26.-28.4.

SwanMobile was co-developed with Finnish mobile software company Imagetalk Oy, known to have developed symbols-based communication software on mobile devices for individuals with speech and language disorders, first in the world. Imagetalk was able to migrate its knowhow in secure message-handling and easy-to-use operating interfaces in making SwanMobile a joy to use.

"We believe that current and upcoming Televagt customers are going to appreciate SwanMobile as much more than an add-on. It enables the concept of mobile workforce in caring and nursing. We think that SwanMobile is a good example of an application, which simultaneously improves productivity and empowers the user," says Juhani Selänniemi from Imagetalk. "We strongly believe that our concept of a software-based solution on a low-cost mainstream mobile device is productive and efficient for the customers."

Televagt is a market leader in unmanned care management solutions in Denmark, and has a strong market position in other Nordic countries. The company has plans to expand its market presence to other European countries, and estimates that SwanMobile is a key feature for getting the deserved attention.

"Care of elderly and handicapped people is a growing task for all European societies, and productivity applications like Televagt and SwanMobile are strongly needed in order to cope with the current and upcoming needs. By freeing the capacity of the care-giver to the actual tasks at hand, and by distributing the alarms and task reports over the mobile network, SwanMobile enhances the service capacity of each individual care-giver," says Bent Christensen from Televagt.

SwanMobile is available as an extension to Televagt care management solution from Condigi Televagt A/S in Denmark, and its distributors. With SwanMobile the care-giver is reachable anywhere anytime for a request or alarm from a citizen. SwanMobile also adds symbols-based, cost efficient and easy to use mobile task reporting functionality to Televagt, thereby securing that service meets the care needs. By running SwanMobile on a low-cost mainstream mobile smartphone on the open Symbian platform, SwanMobile can incorporate additional functionality, like camera for care validation, and navigation for locating the the citizen's address.

SwanMobile runs on Symbian Series60 version 2.0 phones, such as Nokia 6682, 6680, 6681, 3230, 6670, 6260, 6630, 7610, 6620, 6600.

About Condigi Televagt A/S

Condigi Televagt is one of the leading providers of nursecall systems to nursing homes, hospitals and residentials in the Nordic countries. Condigi Televagt in Denmark consists of Televagt A/S, who is the major supplier of nursecall systems in Denmark and Condigi Telecommunications A/S, who produces advanced hospital nurse-call systems. In Sweden, Condigi Televagt AB is an important provider of nurse-call systemt to nursing homes and hospitals and of voice-based evacuation systems.
For more information, please contact: Bent Christensen, tel. +45 63 155 155.

About Imagetalk Oy

Imagetalk is a software company, started in Turku Science Park, and with a focus on special-interest user interfaces and software on mobile devices. The flagship product is Imagetalk Symbol Writer, a symbols-based assistive software application for communication, calendaring and education. Imagetalk Symbol Writer creates a user interface based on visual symbols and auditive speech synthesis for those of us who cannot use text- or speech-based means of communication. Imagetalk has applied its findings in secure message-handling and easy mobile user interfaces for developing applicatrions like Televagt SwanMobile.
For more information, please contact: Juhani Selänniemi, tel. +358 2 279 3351.