Imagetalk releases Symbol Writer for Nokia 7710

Touch-screen symbols-based software ideal communication solution
for persons with speech and language disorders

11.4.2005 Turku, Finland --- Imagetalk Oy today released “Imagetalk Symbol Writer,” a full-featured Symbian touch-screen, symbols-based communication software application for the Nokia 7710 multimedia smartphone.

Unique features of Symbol Writer include Glide & Release ergonomy, double-size symbols, convenient button placement for widescreen, finger-operated virtual keyboard with automatic caps launch and release, and advanced speech settings.

“Symbols-based communication has been successfully implemented as an augmentative or alternative communication method for individuals with severe speech and language disorders,” according to Juhani Selänniemi, managing director of Imagetalk Oy. “Imagetalk brings symbols-based communication to a new level by introducing mobility, first in the world. Imagetalk can become a viable communication means for individuals with dysphasia, dyslexia, aphasia after stroke, cognitive or functional handicap, or autism. We estimate that at least one permille of the population would need and could benefit from Imagetalk.”

Imagetalk Symbol Writer has a rich feature set, enabling symbols-based face-to-face communication, mobile messaging, and calendaring. “The Nokia 7710 is an ideal device with a high-resolution widescreen with 6x2 symbols matrix, improved clarity of Bliss, PCS and pictogram symbols, as well as the user’s own drawings and images,” Selänniemi said. “The Nokia 7710 has a great response, navigated by direct touch or stylus pen, and is a surprisingly ergonomic enclosure for one-finger or two-thumb usability.”

Wireless devices operating on an open Symbian platform, including the Nokia 7710, are more easily customisable for enhancements such as Imagetalk Symbol Writer, according to Selänniemi.

“The Nokia 7710 is rich with multimedia capabilities for entertainment and organization. When loaded with Symbol Writer software, these features are easily recognizable and instantly usable by customers with speech and language limitations,” Selänniemi said.

Imagetalk is available from these distributors: Comp-Aid Oy and NeuroCity Oy in Finland; Frölunda Data Ab in Sweden; Cognita AS in Norway; rdgKompagne in The Netherlands; RehaMedia in Germany; Active Communications GmbH in Switzerland; Anditec in Portugal; and, Helpicare in Italy.

About Imagetalk

Imagetalk Oy is a software company, started in Turku Science Park, and with a focus on special-interest user interfaces and software on mobile devices. Imagetalk products are assistive software for communication, calendaring and speech therapy. Imagetalk enables communication regardless of time and place between language-impaired persons and their communities. Imagetalk creates a user interface based on visual symbols and auditive speech synthesis for those of us who cannot use text- or speech-based means of communication.

Press photos

  • Imagetalk Symbol Writer and Nokia 7710 multimedia phone - a user-friendly combination for symbols-based communication. Download
  • Topias Lemmetyinen gets familiar with the new Imagetalk Symbol Writer. Imagetalk started form the idea of his father Henrik. Download