Lingsoft and Imagetalk generate synergy with ownership arrangement

Press release 15.2.2005/Lingsoft Oy and Imagetalk Oy seek major mutual synergy effects with an ownership and financing arrangement, where Lingsoft becomes a major shareholder of Imagetalk. Lingsoft is a language technology company, offering novel solutions for managing and understanding languages. Imagetalk is a company specialized in customizable user interfaces for special needs.

Mutually complementary technologies

--We saw a great synergy potential in joining technology building blocks from the two companies. We can enrich Imagetalk products with Lingsoft language technologies and mutually, we can utilize Imagetalk mobile user interface concepts in products and services based on Lingsoft language solutions. Not to mention that we now have some key elements for rapid development of entirely new products and services, says Juhani Reiman, Managing Director of PasaNet Oy and Lingsoft Oy.

Reiman has been a key participant in the formation of a language and learning technology cluster for research, development and commercialization of products and services on these topics in Finland. Now, the companies aim to accelerate the formation of this cluster.

--This arrangement brings both immediate and long term possibilities for Imagetalk. We want to fulfill our mission to offer a truly innovative approach to mobile communication for people with special needs. Having Lingsoft abroad and being able to utilize from technological and operative synergy feels truly exciting -- especially since we bring a fine new product on the market in the near future, tells Juhani Selänniemi, Managing Director of Imagetalk Oy.

--These arrangements between technology companies are excellent steps for growth. With stong networking and straightforward cooperation we can generate entities for faster growth. Imagetalk and Lingsoft have strong common touchpoints and evidently a possibility to create appealing products to different market segments together, says Martti Hintikka, Managing Director of Innofinance Oy.

Ownership arrangement and cooperation enable continued development and availability of Imagetalk

The ownership arrangement, together with co-arrangement from current shareholders such as Innofinance, enables Imagetalk to intensify its product development efforts both concerning Imagetalk core products and its co-production commitments. As an example Pikosystems Oy is bringing to the market an innovative Bluetooth-to-infrared environmental and home automation solution, where Imagetalk has developed the steering application for the mobile phone. This product has already before being available created much attention.

--We know that our products attach real needs of self-expression, independent living and learning. We have already opened markets in many European countries. We will continue with full force to establish our distributor network around Europe, and make sure that we have great products to deliver, Selänniemi concludes.


Lingsoft was established in 1986, and consists of three companies: the language and speech technology company Lingsoft Oy, translation and language service company PasaNet Oy, and Ellibs Finland Oy, producing e-library systems and e-books. Lingsoft base its business on word and sentence analysis methods, developed in-house and being recognized almost as global industry standards, and on speech technology, which can be used as stand-alone products or embedded in other products. The biggest customer of Lingsoft is Microsoft, to which the company has licenced its language tools e.g. for spell checking in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German. Lingsoft have offerings to companies, who need solutions based on language technologies. Speech technologies are predicted to be the next major turning point in information technology.


Imagetalk Oy is a company specializing in mobile applications with customizable symbols-based content. The core product is Imagetalk communication software for individuals with various speech and language disorders. The core competence has been extended to related type of mobile software products and solutions. Imagetalk was established as a daughter company of Kuulalaakeri Oy in year 2000, and was spun off in Summer 2002.


Innofinance Oy is through its funds a shareholder of Imagetalk, Ellibs and more than 60 other companies.

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Juhani Selänniemi, Imagetalk Oy, +358 50 352 4920