Imagetalk introduced to Italian and German market

One of the leading producers and distributors of assistive technologies in Italy, Helpicare SRL introduces Imagetalk assistive software products on the Italian market at Handimatica fair 25.-27.11. in Bologna.

-- We are very pleased to have such an innovative and dynamic company as our distributor in Italy. As a new type of assistive product for mobile communication Imagetalk needs and deserves commited and farsighted distribution partners, from whom we also get valuable viewpoints for upcoming development, says Juhani Selänniemi, managing director of Imagetalk.

Helpicare was built up in 2001, as prosecution of a previous analogous experience of activity realized in 1994 by an association of disable people parents. Helpicare, manufactures and sells innovative solutions to improve autonomy, communication and learning of disable people.

-- In short time, Helpicare has become one of the leading companies on the Italian market. It maintains relations with the major R&D centres of the sector. Helpicare collaborates with the Information Engineering Department, University of Pisa, for the research and development of new products, in particular in domotics sector. It collaborates with a European network of enterprises -- now including Imagetalk -- for the development of synergies, necessary to improve the products and the market offer, says Giulio Vaccari, managing director of Helpicare SRL.

Helpicare is the only Italian company that manufactures devices of its own project in collaboration with universities and R&D centres of private companies. It exports its technologies in UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland and Austria.
Helpicare promoted the foundation of the Italian Association of the disable technologies Enterprises.

Managing director Giulio Vaccari has worked as informatics project manager in numerous software houses. Subsequently, after obtaining the pedagogic sciences degree, he worked for many years in not-for-profit organizations, active in the field of cognitive disabilities.

From 1995 to 2000 he attended specialization courses for not-for-profit organizations management and held leading positions in the training and development field. Since 1996 he works in the technological appliances for disables sector, where he is considered one of the major experts of the Italian market.

In autumn 2002 he promoted the foundation of the Italian Association of category, which group the companies working in this sector.

Imagetalk is introduced to the German and European market on the Rehacare international fair 10.-13.11. in Düsseldorf. Imagetalk sales network expands to Germany, as Imagetalk Ltd has reached an software distribution agreement with German Reha Media GmbH for distribution of its software. According to the agreement, Reha Media GmbH represent Imagetalk software in Germany.

In Germany, Reha Media GmbH is a pioneer in the field of assistive communication devices. The company was founded in 1984 and during the 20 years in business it has grown to be Germany's most significant player in the field. The company's headquarters are situated in Duisburg and its distribution network covers the whole country.

Imagetalk Ltd, launched in 2002, was the first company in the world to develop and introduce a mobile communication and calendaring software based on icons and speech synthesis. The software runs on small PocketPC devices and on smartphones with the Symbian Series 60 operating system. The application is meant for those who need devices for supporting or substituting speech due to speech and language disorders (AAC, Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

--Imagetalk products are a good example of new technology applications offering real benefit to users. Finally it's possible to use attractive and affordable mainstream mobile devices among our target groups. Usually, the dedicated AAC devices are expensive and therefore out of reach of many of our potential users. Because of the use of standard mobile technology, Imagetalk software not only facilitates new opportunities of communication but also decreases the costs. I believe, that already in near future there will be a genuine growth potential in Germany and the rest of the world for Imagetalk's innovative software, says Mr. Gamal Halaga, CEO of Reha Media GmbH.

Distribution of Imagetalk software has also been arranged in Italy this month. The Finnish company has now distributors for its software altogether in seven countries.