How did it all start?

The Imagetalk idea came from the thoughts of a father to a boy with severe language impairment. He came with his thougts to Kuulalaakeri company, where we started to conceptualize and refine the idea. A group of parents and experts in the interest field were to great help from the very first beginning, as software developers confronted with quite unfamiliar needs. From Autumn 2002 on the project has been productified by Imagetalk Oy.

The development of Imagetalkin from an idea to a concept, and from a concept to a product, has made us rethink many things and develop our mindsets. We are proud to be part of such a process.

Among challenges we can mention the user interface (the small screen size of mobile devices), messaging (how to make icon-based messaging technically reliable on these devices) and the overall understandability of the use case.

The mobilizing motive for Imagetalk is to bring practical benefit and joy to persons with speech and language disorders, and their communities.

Below is a link to a Flash-animation, where the Imagetalk idea and its crucial features are visualized: receiving and sending messages, showing messages face to face, and using the calendar for managing events and time.

Imagetalk-animation: "If you can't talk..."