Look what I say

Imagetalk is a software-based communication solution for those of us who use alternative or augmentative communication. Imagetalk turns an attractive, yet affordable mainstream mobile device into a full-fledged AAC solution. The modular software design lets you focus on things which are important to you.

You can expand conventional face-to-face communication to true mobile messaging with the Messaging module. And you can get organized and keep time with the Calendaring module.

Select a small smartphone with Symbian Series60 version of Imagetalk software, or go for a bit bigger form factor with a touch-screen PocketPC version. A third alternative is to plug your Imagetalk USB memory drive to any desktop, laptop or tablet computer to communicate, email or check your calendar.

Whichever of these three you choose, you have a consistent user experience, and you can carry along your frequent messages and calendar events.

If you are a helper, you have access to Imagetalk Assistant, a software with comprehensive tools for creating and updating a customized communication book for the actual user.

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