Setting up Qtek 2020 for Imagetalk

It is important to understand, that Imagetalk software is designed to take control over the PocketPC device. It runs reliably only when the software installation is done according to the instructions.

Imagetalk controls the whole PDA including the settings of the buttons, and therefore it is impossible to use the PDA for any other purposes.
To ensure trouble-free operation of Imagetalk it is adviceable to follow the instructions below and set up the device (and keep the settings) only for Imagetalk.

  1. Insert the SIM card on its place under the battery. Keep at hand the PIN code you have received from your mobile operator.
  2. Perform a hard reset: Press and HOLD DOWN the POWER BUTTON
    and then use the stylus to press the SOFT RESET BUTTON. Device starts.
  3. After the signal, tap the screen. Perform the PocketPC setup following on screen instructions. You will be prompted to perform screen calibration and a copypaste exercise.
  4. Wait until Qtek installs it's own applications and updates. This may take some minutes. Enter PIN code window appears.
  5. Enter the appropriate PIN code. The device opens the default screen.
  6. Select Start menu: Settings > Regional settings. Select the appropriate country.

  7. Select Start menu: Settings > Clock. Set up your time zone, date and time.

  8. Select Start menu: Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications, and select Inbox: New SMS message. Untag "Display message on the screen" and "Play sound" checkboxes.

  9. Select Start menu: Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications > Phone: Incoming call > Ring type: None.

  10. Select Start menu: Settings > Phone. Untag "Require PIN when phone is used".

  11. At this point the system asks you to input your current PIN code: input your PIN and press Enter.

  12. Soft reset the device and wait until it has restarted.
  13. Insert MMC memory card in the slot. Installation starts automatically.
  14. Select language when asked and press OK. The installation may take a couple of minutes.
  15. When installation is finished, leave MMC on its place and soft reset the device. Imagetalk demo user book should open automatically.
  16. Remove MMC from Qtek and insert it in the USB MMC reader/writer.
  17. In Imagetalk Assistant software: Select your user and go to his/her Books tab.
  18. Select Update. The Update window opens. Select the Clean button to remove demo book from MMC.
  19. Make the desired selections and select Update to write the book on MMC.
  20. Insert the MMC in your Qtek and soft reset the device. Imagetalk starts and after a while the program asks you to select a book. Select your user's book and press OK. The user selection dialog does not appear anymore when you next time restart Imagetalk by soft-reseting the device.