Symbol libraries for legacy software

As a registered assistant you can download symbol libraries for creating Imagetalk Actual User books. Note that some libraries may require a paid licence.

The icon libraries below are available both in Imagetalk and in .zip format.
You may download the library directly in the Imagetalk folder of your home directory.
If you prefer to download .zip format library you must unzip the content in Imagetalk folder.

Depending on the operating system Imagetalk folder can be found as follows:

Windows XP/2000: C:\Documents and settings\"username"\imagetalk

Windows 98 ym.: C:\Windows\imagetalk

Imagetalk folder exists in your system only after you have launched the Imagetalk Assistant application once.

Imagetalk library in English (zip)
Imagetalk library in Finnish (zip)
Imagetalk library in Swedish (zip)
Imagetalk library in Norwegian (zip)
Imagetalk library in Italian (zip)
Imagetalk library in Dutch (zip)

Copy also the steering file for Imagetalk libraries here (or zip).

Pictogram library in English (zip)
Pictogram library in Finnish (zip)
Pictogram library in Swedish (zip)
Pictogram lirary in Norwegian (zip)

Copy also the steering file for Pictogram libraries (zip) to your imagetalk folder (as above).

PCS library in English (zip)
PCS library in Finnish (zip)
PCS library in Swedish (zip)
PCS library in Dutch (zip)
PCS library in Norwegian (zip)
PCS library in German (zip)
PCS library in Spanish (zip)
PCS library in Italian (zip)

International PCS addendum in English (zip)
International PCS addendum in Finnish (zip)
International PCS addendum in Swedish (zip)

Copy also thesteering file for PCS libraries (zip) to your imagetalk folder (as above).

Bliss-library in Swedish
Bliss-library in Norwegian
Steering file for Bliss libraries
Copy these files to your imagetalk folder (as above).