Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full service language company. The company has a large variety of services or products related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft products are based on the company’s world renown sentence and word analysis technologies that have become a de-facto standard.

Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions related to written and spoken languages - translation and localisation services, customized language checkers, text mining tools, speech controlled services etc.

Lingsoft's products include reader's and writer's tools, search and indexing tools, speech tools and instant dictionaries. In addition Lingsoft offers text mining solutions, as well as components for morphological and syntactical analysis and generation.

Lingsoft produces the proofing tools for all Nordic languages and German included in the Microsoft Office. Lingsoft language technology is now used in most of the desktop computers in those countries, illustrating our continuing dedication to providing the highest quality language software solutions.